Xat’s newest power, ‘Sticky’, has arrived!

With a power ID of 243. this new power will allow for you to use 10 sticky-note-themed emoticons and 4 limited pawn codes!

The emoticons that come with this power are as follows:

  • (sticky) (stangel) (stdevil) (stattention) (stcool) (stcrying) (stheart) (sttips) (stsleepy) (stwhat)

The limited pawn codes are as follows:

  • (hat#hl) — Lips pawn code
  • (hat#ha) — Stangel pawn code
  • (hat#hd) — Stdevil pawn code
  • (hat#hp) — Stpencil pawn code

N.B. These pawn codes are case-sensitive && require the ‘hat’ power as well as the ‘sticky’ power.

If you would like to put a standard hat code on top of one of the limited pawns, all you need to do is replace the ‘h’ character following the number sign (#) in the codes listed above with that of the character used for a standard code.

e.g. (hat#tl) for a baseball cap on top of a lips pawn // where ‘t’ corresponds to the baseball cap code

Price in store: 250 xats

Availability: Unlimited

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